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    "She Was Like the Best Friend Next Door!"

    Making a major purchase can be daunting and scary, even for real estate investors like us. Lihai came through for us again! We called Lihai again to helping us with a few more investment properties. She was like the best friend next door, always there supporting our real estate needs,whether answering a question I had at 7am or a thought on an area to search at 11pm. DING! sounded my phone, and it was Lihai answering my question, always so attentive! She helped us find the perfect house in a solid neighborhood. Lihai was patient as we searched up and down the I-5 corridor (from Olympia to Bellingham to Olympic Peninsula) and cautioned us about making unreasonable offers when we fell too quickly for overpriced homes. She also helped us navigate in the negotiations and the inspection process. It was definitely nice and useful having Lihai on our side, working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Lihai was that she was always there for us, she was more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than she was on closing a deal. Even after we closed, she continued to support us by connecting us with the right trades people. In short, we will buy again, and only with Lihai. We would highly recommend her to anyone!
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    Trung H.
    "Lihai is Very Knowledgeable About the Market!"

    We highly recommend Lihai based on our excellent experience. She helped us buy our first house in Seattle area. We came to the new city with little knowledge about the community and market. Lihai is very knowledgeable about the market. She gave us a great orientation and recommended the properties per our location,floor plan, budget and timing requirements (which is pretty tight timeline). More important than anything else, she is always available, responsive, and patient. Whenever there was a new posting, Lihai sent the information through and worked around our schedule to look at the house ASAP, helped us analyze the data and compare different options. She also prepared our offer in evening to beat other potential buyers, which was very helpful to bid in Seattle hot housing market. Eventually we got the house that we absolutely love. We keep our relationship after the transaction. Recently she recommended lender for refinancing which leads to significant savings in monthly mortgage payment. Lihai is a reliable, trustworthy, professional agent, I highly recommend Lihai if you want to buy a house in Seattle.
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    Zhao Y. & Geng X
    "I Was So Fortunate to Have Found Lihai!"

    I was so fortunate to have found Lihai as our realtor when I moved to Seattle. She helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price, and always perform the due diligence to provide as much details about the property as possible before each visit.She was patient as I look at homes over a few months in order to find the right property, and always cautions me about things I need to watch out for during the visits and when I make offers. In short, she was always on my side working to make my house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Lihai was that she was always answering my questions timely and guiding me every step of the process in great details, giving good advices, and finding homes that met my needs than she was on closing a deal. I would recommend Lihai to anyone.
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    Chris Q.
    "Lihai Was An Excellent Partner Every Step Of The Way!"

    Lihai helped us purchase our second house. We had broad requirements but were flexible on location. Because of that, our search required Lihai to take us to showings up and down the state of WA. Through the whole process and hundreds of miles, Lihai was very patient,and her impeccable organization helped ensure we were at the showings on time, and that we had all of the information to make informed offers. She came well prepared to each showing with a packet that gave us all of the details of nuances of the property (listing prices, comps, easements, permitting, and even geo surveys!). She also navigated us through complex negotiations and inspections, until we finally found our dream home! The process took us a few months and Lihai was an excellent partner every step of the way. I would highly recommend Lihai to anyone looking for an agent to help navigate through the journey of buying a property.
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    Sung S. & Huoi T
    "Lihai is a solid professional with the deep passion to satisfy every need of clients!"

    Lihai is a solid professional with the deep passion to satisfy every need of clients. She has made stellar contributions in the successful purchase of our new house. We want to extend gratitude to her during the entire process of the purchase cycle and beyond. Her warmth, responsiveness,and result driven attitude are marks of an outstanding sales executive in the extremely competitive profession. Well done, Lihai.
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    Robert K.
    "Lihai is a Kind and Dedicated Professional!"

    Lihai is a kind and dedicated professional. She has gone above and beyond during the whole process, from house hunting to closing. She was there all along the way to explain each step (I was a first time buyer), and I felt in good hands when closing came. I highly recommend her!

    Julien T.

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